busy busy busy

somehow the weekend is already over (well, almost). remember i told you about my aspirations to nap, bake, and read? sadly, i didn’t have time for any of those (fatigue, i will *try* to deal with you next weekend). here is what happened instead:

i hung out with m’s cousin/my 8 year old bff. we decided to meander around target and purchased matching pajamas! we also bought m a magnificent b-prize (b-prize: a special treat, not necessarily for a specific occasion). then, we made a fort, ate too much ice cream, and lounged in our twin jammies 🙂
e, remember you almost got these? yes, you need them 
i fully support you purchasing the dress-version
saturday went by far too quickly. i slept too late, met k for coffee, went to a bonfire/volunteered with her, rushed home, went to feed and let out the doggie i’m taking care of, raced back home, ate frozen yogurt for dinner, washed my hair 372793 times to get rid of the epic bonfire scent, and finally went to see the girlfriend’s new house! all the racing, rushing, and lack of sleep must have severely damaged the planning/judgment aspect of my frontal lobe because this morning, I FORGOT MY KEYS TO THE BOUTIQUE. ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. my boss was not pleased. fortunately, a is coming to meet me after work. i think i will drag her to whole foods for a delicious and healthy dinner (i desperately need a healthy meal after how horribly i ate yesterday… “meals” = frozen waffles, s’mores, frozen yogurt, and a banana). and then we’re going to our new favorite place – khols! we <3 LC’s clothing line! xoxo.

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