date night with e!

my plans for last night were to do the epic amount of laundry i currently have, go to the gym, pack, catch up on a few shows, and go to sleep early… that did not happen 🙂 instead, i called e and told her she had to come with me to find red jeans.

conversation with m:
me: “babe, have i told you what i want more than anything in the world?!?!”
m: “no…”
me: “red jeans!!!!!!!!!!!!”
m: “mowg, i have never in my life heard you mention red jeans. you’re supposed to be saving money.”
me: “i got them for $10 off! and i cut my leg on the tag while trying them on because i was so excited… karma/punishment for buying them.”

i don’t yet have a picture of the jeans, or a picture of me wearing them (i plan to wear them tomorrow!), but if you, too are in desperate need of red jeans, here are the ones i purchased 🙂

i am getting ahead of myself. back to my date with e… we went to dsw because she was on the hunt for black flats for work. after trying on 83102803081238018230 pairs, she finally found a winner!

(some of) the aftermath
i forgot to take a picture of her selection, but she purchased beautiful me too black flats
after finding her shoes, we went to ae so i could purchase the aforementioned red jeans. they are magnificent!!!!! i cannot wait to share them with you. next, we feasted on frozen yogurt. thin mint fro-yo for both of us with oreos for e, and chocolate chips for me – delicious! and lastly, new makeup for e! it was so much fun watching the sales associate at nordstrom test all of the different colors and brands of makeup on e, with me standing there saying “oh that is gorgeous”, “you need that!”, and “e, you look stunning, your skin is absolutely radiant!” when the announcement came on that the store had closed, we had to walk all the way around the entire mall to e’s car…
she then drove me the 15 feet to my car. god bless her! our goal: do normal things while hanging out next time… paint our nails, watch tv, possibly do a facemask, bake, and SAVE $$$$$$$$$. xoxo.

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