haunted house

it’s no secret that i’ve believed my apartment to be haunted since day one. the building is old and the residents older. my roommate, e, and i are by far the youngest here. i am also convinced that the former owner passed away in my current bedroom (morbid, i know). don’t get me wrong – i love living here. it is perfectly located near all things wonderful: whole foods, green lake, nordstrom, target, and tj maxx. a dream come true! however, some things pertaining to the apartment are ridiculously creepy… mysterious stains, the ever present smell of pickles, etc. today’s incident solidified my fear that my apartment building is indeed haunted.

exhibit a
exhibit b

now, i’m no forensic psychologist or crime scene investigator, but that is a substantial amount of blood, right? my camera conveniently decided to stop working, so these photos were taken courtesy of my phone. the second image is particularly dark due to a burnt out light in the hallway (mind you, this light has been out for over a month. thanks homeowners association!). anyways, there was a LOT more blood than what is seen here, and that doesn’t look like blood from a cut… it is a much larger wound, and the blood trail extends all throughout the stairwell RIGHT NEXT TO MY APARTMENT. if this is the buildings idea of halloween decorating, i am officially scared.

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