parking enforcement, I HATE YOU

dear parking enforcement at 24-hour fitness, I HATE YOU. i come to your stupid and inadequate gym almost every day. there is never enough parking, i rarely get a machine other than a recliner (aka sitting bike) unless i come after 9pm, it is way too hot inside, and the membership fee is outrageous. to top it off, YOU GIVE ME A PARKING TICKET?!? seriously? thank you for ruining my perfectly good friday. i am glad i will be forced to give you $43 from my san diego spending $$$. i would also like to mention that having 5 stalls that are 2 hour parking, and 12 stalls that are 30 minute parking is utterly insufficient, especially for the only local, large gym. who goes to the gym for under 30 minutes?! (well, i did yesterday as a matter of fact because i had horrid stomach pains.) but to answer my question, NO ONE. i refuse to pay you more money out of my already limited budget. oh, and i think i will switch gyms. sincerely, megan.

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