thank goodness for hump day

this week has been insane. it’s hard to believe that it’s only wednesday, but thank goodness we have reached hump day! i think i started off the week on a bad note…

first, i was accosted by an angry roller-blading man at green lake this past weekend. while attempting to “run” (aka jog at an extremely slow pace), i was pushed and then shoved off the trail by said roller-blader. he was going much to fast, and since it wasn’t raining, and it was a saturday, green lake was absolutely packed with families, runners, strollers, dogs, etc. i was continuing the slow jog and was absolutely thrilled to be almost back to my car when the evil, too fast roller-blading man plowed into me. he scolded me for running on the wrong side of the path after shoving me. WHAT THE HECK?! did he not see how crowded the lake was? had i tried to run on the other side, i would have literally run into 10 chatting people and their pets! evil, evil man. beware of him fellow green lake runners and walkers.

secondly, i have been having the absolute worst stomach pains! i blame it on my horrid eating habits… perhaps if i ate less junk, treats, carbs, fast food, etc., my stomach wouldn’t punish me. new goal: eat better – less frozen food and cookies, and more fruits, veggies, etc. (oh, i am a vegetarian, so i must find new and healthier ways of getting protein, too). i made this goal on monday (when i was feeling especially ill), but fear i have already failed… last night i baked brownies AND peanut butter cookies. to my credit, the peanut butter cookies are technically for book club, which is tonight eeek! we are reading the girl who fell from the sky by heidi burrow – absolutely amazing. more to come on that. xoxo.

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