there’s always tomorrow…

remember a few days ago when i said i was striving to be healthier? i have had one setback after another… today it involved chocolate covered raisins. let’s just say, they won’t be an issue tomorrow. (dear rite aid located next to work, do NOT let me enter the candy aisle anytime soon. sincerely, megan). i suppose there is always tomorrow. this time i am going to stick to it, i promise!

tonight was an extremely productive and exciting way to end monday. i saw my girlfriend, e, and we went on a shopping spree at our beloved target. e’s first words upon entering: “we’re going to need a cart”.

we managed to fill the cart within mere minutes, and then put almost everything back (mom, if you’re reading this, i promise almost all of it was put back…). however, we did purchase what we deemed “essentials”. ahem…

i desperately wanted to purchase this stunning cow costume for bailey!
e (mom e, not girlfriend e), said she did not need it :(
e almost got these… it was a toss-up between the owls and pandas
saw this gem in the little girls’ department and knew it was essential
last, but not least, i forced e to buy her very own bag of chocolate covered raisins. hopefully she does not feel the need to ingest the entire bag as i did. final verdict = a successful target trip! xoxo.

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