readers, i have a confession. i have failed miserably at no shopping november. i am sorry. i must admit, i was off to a very good start, and then something happened… nordstrom received a new shipment of toms and urban outfitters had the sale of all sales (if you haven’t been, all sale merchandise is an additional 50% off – amazing!). however, i have practiced some self restraint, an important component of not shopping. when i hung out with e this week, we tried to avoid target and our other favorite shopping destinations, but by 8:15 we had caved. we went to target to look at “essentials” only, and both found magnificent chunky grey sweaters; however, we both walked out sans sweaters! never mind that i purchased mascara, oil absorbing sheets, lotion etc. – we did not buy clothing 🙂

despite my failure, i am determined not to give up. today is a new day, and i will not shop (groceries don’t count though, right? because i neeeeeeeded a treat today on the way to work). i think it will be fairly easy to avoid the mall this weekend because i babysit, house sit, and work at the boutique. busy busy busy! i am also trying to squeeze some girlfriend time in there because i miss them all terribly!

i have a wonderful story to share with you! yesterday i went to visit chloe at the northgate GJ (looking for a new colorist? she is phenomenal), and we bonded over our shared love for wiener dogs! isn’t that amazing?! she said she desperately wants one, and i went on and on about how they are the best dogs of all time…

how could you not love this little one?!
(this is not bailey, but she looked like this as a baby!)
today’s (very casual) work outfit:
sweater & hello kitty vans: uo, jeans: nordstrom rack, new hair: gene juarez!!
k, me & d
happy friday, love the three musketeers :)

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  1. so far I'm holding strong on the No Shop November… mainly because I didnt get to Nordys last night to look at the shoes… and i love that we have been dubbed the three musketeers lol

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