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sadly, i have decided that face, hair, and body products are included in no shopping november. i am absolutely addicted to buying new face washes, masks, moisturizers, creams, etc.; i feel as though i am constantly looking for a  new “cure” – a product to fix whatever skin woe i seem to have that day (remember the current skin woe? the fur… still problematic). however, face and hair products are expensive! here are a few products i am currently using that don’t cost an absolute fortune. i purchased each of them at target or ulta. goodbye $37432 creams, and hello affordable healthy skin 🙂

proof of the addiction
(i should have photographed the epic mess of products under my sink…
 and around my sink – i fear it may scare you)

left to right:

  • l’oreal new go 360 anti-breakout cleanser (with buffer brush) – $6 on sale at target. this face wash is phenomenal for problem skin (like mine!) and allows you to get a deep, all-over clean with the help of the brush.
  • l’oreal hydrafresh toner – $3 at ulta. this toner is alcohol free and feels immensely refreshing. unlike some toners i have used previously, this one does not burn (not sure how healthy that is, but i used to think burning skin = clean skin).
  • the power of plants botanics soothing eye makeup remover – $7 at target. this eye makeup remover is incredibly gentle. the skin around my eyes has been especially sensitive thus far this fall, and this product has helped it appear less irritated.
  • queen helene energizing avocado & grapefruit mask – $3 at ulta. this brand of masks is fabulous! i had not tried the avocado one, however, and so far, i love it. it is bright green/yellow, and after leaving it on for only a few minutes, your skin feels clean, refreshed, and very soft.
  • cerave moisturizing lotion – $14 at ulta. this product is the most expensive of the bunch, but well worth the price. it is comparable to cetaphil and is very gentle. my dermatologist recommended it for my dry skin (and subsequent fur), saying that this lotion would help strengthen and restore my skin. it does not feel oily or bulky when putting on.
  • garnier fructis sleek & shine flat iron protector – $4 at target. i have tried several flat iron protectors, and this one is fairly good considering the price. it makes my hair smooth and shiny post straightening. my only complaint is that my hair seems to get greasy more quickly (but i have naturally greasy hair, so the enhanced grease may have nothing to do with this product). for $4 it is worth a try!

alas, i think it is time for me to go use my beloved avocado mask. i have epic mowgli-hair right now, so i will not terrify you with a picture 🙂

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