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hi friends – this is megan’s BFF, a, from forever. while megan is enjoying SD with m, we decided i was going to do a guest blog post!
every sunday, my housemates and i have a “family dinner” with our guy friends. we recently moved to the green lake area (i like to say we planned it that way, but we really just got lucky with the timing!) so it’s super convenient, fun, and a lovely way to spend sunday – especially when the boys cook for us 🙂
this weekend, we made lasagna, bread, and salad! it was delicious. the lasagna sauce was sweet sausage, onions, garlic, crushed tomatoes, and a variety of spices. you spread out your lasagna noodles in a pan, put ricotta cheese on the noodles, pour on some sauce, then cover with mozzarella and parmesan cheese! keep layering/repeat until you reach the top of the tray. then pop that bad boy into the oven (350 degrees) for one hour and voila! lasagna! 
we spread butter, garlic, parmesan cheese, and bacon bits on bread and simply put it under the broiler for a few minutes. easy, yummy, home-made garlic bread! 
the salad consisted of lettuce, cucumber, and avocado in a pear-gorgonzola dressing. 
the final product 🙂

all in all, family dinner was a huge success! how do you guys like to spend your sunday’s?! xoxo, a.

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