status updates:


  • went on an early morning walk with her golden retriever friend, kyla (something she strongly dislikes. morning = sleep; afternoon = sleep; evening = sleep)
  • came home from the walk and sprinted to “her” chair to lay in my furry pink blanket
  • after warming up, she proceeded to sit in front of the plant and beg for her dinner at 9:30am – sorry poochie, but you have to wait


  • getting the wisdom teeth removed (second time’s a charm!) in a few short weeks – ahhh!
  • had a feast and went shopping with d after work (mom, if you’re reading this, we were shopping for him – i promise!)
so excited about his purchases!
ahem, i picked some of them out 🙂
  • oh dear. remember the red jeans? now i think i want the blue jeans

me: “faj, remember that tooth i am missing?” (sorry everyone, this is very random, and somewhat gross, but yes, i am missing a bottom tooth – it is hereditary. however, it must not be very noticeable because when i told m the same story, he had no idea what i was talking about hehe)

faj: “no…”
me: “it is the same one mom is missing on the bottom. i was supposed to get an implant.”
faj: “oh.”
me: “there is now quite an epic to-do list before said implant can be completed. first, i would need braces (again) to open up the space. next, i would get several bone grafts because my jaw bone is too small. and last, i would get the implant in a two-part surgery.”
faj: “WTF?!? negative ghost rider. you ain’t no beauty queen. as long as you can chew your food, that’s all i care about.”
me: “oh, okay.”
thankfully i will only have oral surgery once this year instead of 210803028310832812 times. monday, i guess you weren’t so bad after all. xoxo.

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