work wear challenge: day one

a few of the girlfriends asked me to implement outfit posts on this little blog. i have decided to accept the challenge as it will force me to be more conscientious when getting dressed. typical morning routine: wake up, try on 80% of closet, leave discarded items on floor, drive to work (usually dissatisfied with what i chose), work, come home, and clean up the mess. however, this will be no more! i am going to try to plan outfits ahead of time and share the results with you.

as a preface to this challenge, here are a few things to note:

  • sunday i work at the boutique and am required to wear items sold in the store. i am very bad at this… while i love absolutely everything, i simply cannot afford to shop here.
  • monday-friday i work at the front desk of a construction company. thus, i might not dress to meet the typical office dress code standards (i dress slightly more casual than i probably should). this week i will strive to be more professional for you 🙂
  • i wear some very strange/weird items haha… feel free to tell me what you like/dislike. i am always open to suggestions!
  • the primary goal of this challenge is to dress in a professional manner  while sticking to modest a budget.

day one:
(i didn’t have anyone to help me take pictures today. i apologize for my restroom/myspace-like photographs)

sweatshirt: splendid via tj maxx, feather tank: nordstrom,
jeans: opal, shoes: toms
today’s outfit came together by finding something identical to what we have at the boutique for an immensely discounted price (i.e. at tj maxx). tip: find affordable designer items at ross, tj maxx, marshalls, etc.
look what we have at the boutique now:
butter london nail polish!

work day, please go by quickly because i am going to visit bailey tonight, and i would much prefer to be snuggling her. thank you, xoxo. 

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