dear m,

i just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much i love you. thank you for always reading this little blog when i text/email/call you frantically saying “new post new post new post!!!!!” thank you for helping me finish my senior year in college, attending my (lengthy) graduation, and supporting me during the chaotic time i spent searching for a job. thank you for being the one i know i can count on to talk to when i am happy, sad, stressed, annoyed, and in need of emotional support – i am especially grateful for that. thank you for being patient with me, i know that has not always been easy. thank you for (only sometimes) scolding/discouraging my shopping addiction. thank you for introducing me to coldplay, fast driving, and donuts. most of all, thank you for your faith in our relationship and for staying with me whether we live a few minutes from one another, or several states away. i love you!

readers, i apologize for the seemingly sappy post, but i promise it is 100% genuine. i miss m very much 🙁 here are a few photos detailing our relationship…

the first year:

more recently:
me, m, m’s sister, mb, – she introduced us!!!!! and her boyfriend, g
m, when you read this, i hope you think “oh, i must visit her in january” for a certain event… ahem… but if you cannot, i understand. happy two and a half years together! love, mowgli.

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