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hello megan’s beloved followers! my name is ash, and i have been a close friend of megan’s since our freshman year of college – it is safe to say that she has put up with me for almost 6 years 🙂 for those of you out there who have attended a university/are currently attending, or have been in a similar close-knit environment, you know that the individuals you initially become friends with quickly evolve into your family. you meet when you are young, silly, wild individuals who stay up late and set ten alarms in order to make it to class on time (though you might not always make it!). you stay up all night talking, eating pizza, venting/crying, watching grey’s anatomy, and frantically writing the history of music paper you didn’t know was due the next day (megan actually did this!). then, as you continue through your classes and become a year older, you begin to mature; you go to bed early and find yourself setting one alarm while making it to class more often than not. you have a paper done the day before it is due (maybe not the day before…) but you are more aware of the due date. i have seen megan, as she has me, grow into a beautiful person that i am extremely proud of. it is hard to believe how quickly the past six years have gone by and see how we both have changed!

i check this blog via facebook weekly and love every post i read! when she asked me to do a guest i was honored and slightly intimidated – i do not want to disappoint you, readers! 

that’s us!

in honor of the upcoming christmas holiday, i am going to share my top five favorite things:

  1. treats!!!!! much like megan, i am a girl who loves a good treat. i currently work at a coffee shop that serves amazing baked goods. sometimes it is torture going into work hehe. see below for a picture of the shop’s 2011 holiday cookie 🙂
  2. friends! for me the holiday season means some of my closest friends return here! sadly, i am not close enough to see megan, but we make up for this by frequently texting. two of my closest friends, m and t, will be in town next week 🙂
  3. holiday drinks! i love creating any kind of drink – whether it is a coffee or one with a tiny bit of ahem… alcohol. my most popular drink thus for at the coffee shop is a white chocolate peppermint americano. to make this, get a regular americano + white chocolate powder, peppermint syrup, and soy milk… delicious!
  4. giving gifts! as cliche as it may sound, i love buying gifts for others.i begin saving $$ during the summer, and typically have everything purchased/ready to go by early november.
  5. holiday movies! every year i snuggle up in my apartment with a friend or two and have a full day of holiday movies. my favorites are: home alone 1 & 2, the gremlins, all i want for christmas, miracle on 34th street, the christmas story, the santa clause, how the grinch stole christmas, elf, to grandmother’s house we go (i love mk & a), and i’ll be home for christmas. this is the perfect opportunity to incorporate delicious treats and a tasty drink.
holiday cookie
white chocolate peppermint americano

well, there it is! i hope you enjoyed my guest post and have a wonderful holiday season. xoxo, ash.

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