monday morning madness

monday morning, i am not ready for you! i need a few more hours of sleep. okaythanksbye.

the weekend seemed to fly by! i finished my holiday shopping, went grocery shopping with my mama (god bless her for buying me some healthy food), babysat a few munchkins, read, and hung out with c!

us at the dance party!
on a slightly different note, i did not get near enough sleep, broke my phone and subsequently lost all my contacts, and was unable to meet up with the girlfriends 🙁 buying a new phone is not fun when your contract is up in 5 months. no deals whatsoever.
i am house sitting this week for m’s aunt and uncle. they have two adorable doggies (one of whom insists on spooning me all night). they seem to have gotten into some trouble yesterday while i was gone because i came home and found stuffed animal fuzz everywhere, along with wrapping paper and some strange small beads… (s, if you are reading this, i promise to clean it up before you get home!)
sweater: target, tank, jeans & shoes: nordstrom

hope you had a great weekend! xoxo.

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