not so quiet on the home-front

after a long day / week at work, i come home hungry, fatigued, and fully prepared to lay in bed with my heater blanket and watch this week’s episode of the new girl. however, nothing about tonight has been relaxing…

  1. an ambulance was sitting outside of our apartment building – my first thought, “someone has died” (i think i told you this, but my roommate and i are by far the youngest people in our building. the mean age of the tenants here is 60). i sauntered up the stairs (where i previously found the blood stains), but thankfully, there were none. i believe the ambulance is still outside…
  2. i take off my shoes and coat, chuck my purse and keys on the floor of my bedroom, and what do i see out of the corner of my eye? a moth. the moth went straight for my closet, but before it could dive into one of my shoes, i shut the door and attempted to swat at the creature with a paper gap bag. alas, the creature is dead (the body remains on my floor until i find a napkin to throw it away with).
  3. this week’s episode of the new girl is only available on hulu plus. not fair.
  4. lastly, i was very excited about a frozen mushroom pasta i recently purchased at trader joes. ahem, here is what said pasta looks like:
hopefully it tastes more appetizing than it looks… i give up. it is time for this girl to go to bed. xoxo.

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