the perfect day

today was probably the best, and most relaxing day i have had recently. i didn’t allow myself to clean or workout (two of my favorite activities when stressed). instead, i…

  • took the day off and slept in
  • m got me coffee so i could sleep later:) and i vaguely recall him letting the dogs out at 6am
  • laid in bed until 1:30 watching tv
  • went to lunch with one of my favorite girlfriends – she is home for break from gonzaga! 
  • volunteered/played with my little buddy this afternoon. i helped him finish his fish sticks so he could have ice cream 🙂 he then proceeded to tell me that my outfit did not match, and he hoped i did not wear this outfit to work (thankfully i was only with k today, so hopefully i am okay… who knew little 11-year-old boys were so observant!)
  • ate satsumas and cake batter ice cream for dinner (maybe i should rethink not going to the gym…)
here are a few leftover pictures from christmas and today! 
a new collar and bone for christmas!
m loves helping me house sit when lego’s are readily available
the girls on christmas eve
me: “muffin, look at all of the apache items in this room [of f21]!”
k: “oh wow, try this on!”
me: “oh my goodness, it is a cape/scarf/sweatshirt!!!!”
(sadly, i did not purchase this gem)
meet k! 
(pictured above: the outfit that did not match)
tomorrow it is back to the real world: waking up early, going to work, etc. etc. xoxo.

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