12 for 2012

happy new year everyone! i hope you had as much fun celebrating as i did 🙂

shopping for m’s outfit at target on our way to the party
some of the girlfriends!
me, a, s & sd
i love them 🙂
dance. party.
happy new year!
a, me, ab & m
today’s outfit
sweatshirt: uo, jeans & necklace: nordstrom rack, moccasin boots & vest: nordstrom
and now, for my new years resolutions… i don’t usually make these because i stick to them for 2-3 days, and it ultimately feels like wasted energy. instead, i am going to make a list of goals i have for myself and hope to reach by the end of the year. 
  1. grow this little blog 🙂
  2. take more pictures!
  3. be more positive
  4. find somewhere new to volunteer
  5. read 2-3 books per month
  6. be more organized (i am very clean, but relatively unorganized, especially with my schedule. i think my new daschund calendar will help with this!)
  7. visit heavier and the skinny mini in new orleans
  8. no speeding tickets or car accidents so the cost of my insurance goes down (a lot)
  9. save more $$
  10. keep in touch with the far away girlfriends (better than i have been doing)
  11. embrace thrift store shopping (i think i can check this one off already!)
  12. meet someone (or multiple people) i am friends with on this little blog!

i think these goals will keep me fairly busy 🙂 i will let you know about any progress i make! xoxo.

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