haircut from hellothere

i cannot believe i forgot to tell you about my haircut from h***
my hair was dry
and gross
and in desperate need of a trim
but i am (trying to be) on a strict budget (and not doing very well)
so i went to a popular { inexpensive } chain to get said haircut
you would not believe the verbal abuse my hair endured
“dry ends”
“damaged ends”
“botched color”
“uneven cut”
“poorly cut layers”
“more dryness”
“remnants of a former a-line cut”
“bleach spots”
“poor shampoo and conditioner choices”
“too much straightening”
etc. etc.
thirty minutes and one inch later, i was out of there
and i have worn a ponytail every day since
i won’t be going back there anytime soon
and i think i will continue to give this mane a break
because i actually rather like my hair 🙂
blouse: thirfted, sweater, jeans & boots: nordstrom, headband: fuego
*please excuse my above inappropriate language 

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  1. Sorry about your haircut! I have that problem frequently and try to switch establishments but can never find the right person to cut my hair. Great outfit!

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