two hours worth of cleaning, five loads of laundry, and countless trips to and from my car, and alas, i am home (back to my apartment that is). i have been house sitting for two different families the past few weeks and converted my car into my closet. let me tell you, it was not fun sorting through all the crap i have been carting around. coming home to a mailbox full of bills and a filthy room has also been less than thrilling. thankfully, i love to clean 🙂 

i took m to the airport at 4am today 🙁 it is hard to believe he was here for ten days – i honestly feel as though i hardly saw him. he was ridiculously busy seeing as many people as possible, and i gladly followed him around for most of the week. oh i suppose i also did that one thing… ahem… work hehe. sadly, he is back down in the sunny/warm/beautiful san diego, while i sit here, hiding from the monsoon currently taking place outside. 

however, the aforementioned monsoon is part of the reason i had such a fun day! i met up one of the girlfriends, k, this morning. we had planned to walk green lake and have a lunch date. conveniently, the moment i texted her “i am on my way”, it started to pour. thus, we decided to meet at the mall and mall-walk! you know mall walkers, right? the people who sprint from one end of the mall to the other? today, that was us! not sure how many laps we did as we made numerous stops along the way, but let me tell you, my legs are sore! 

well, it is time for this girl to find something to eat and be a sloth until bedtime. xoxo.

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