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i found this little link on my new blogger friend, s’s, page. check out her adorable blog here 🙂

seven things i lack and covet
1. self-restraint 
2. clear skin
3. being more responsible with $$
4. a clean driving record
5. self-confidence 
6. a close relationship with my brother
7. crest white strips (i might be an addict)
seven things that i neglect to do
1.  check my voicemail (whoops)
2. wash out my coffee pot each morning
3. make my bed 
4. update my ipod regularly (my music selection is quite sub-par)
5. tell people i love them enough
6. relax
7. have faith in my current life plan (or lack there-of)
seven worldly material desires
1. an iphone
2. my very own daschund
3. a bigger closet
4. tall minnetonka fringe boots
5. a vacuum (i am obsessed with vacuuming – very strange obsession, i know)
6 & 7. not sure
seven great things in my life
1. my family + bailey
2. the amazing girlfriends
3. my job
4. volunteering with my little buddy each week
5. going to visit m in a few weeks
6. having a car to drive – thank you, loui
7. starting to feel okay with just being me

seven guilty pleasures 
1. frozen yogurt… all the time
2. emi jay hair ties
3. teen mom
4. taking too many naps as of late
5. jodi piccoult novels 
6. online shopping
7. finding new blogs to read 🙂
seven things i love about love
1. m texting me “good morning” each day
2. having someone to say good morning and good night to
3. forgiveness
4. late night heart to hearts
5. “i love you’s”
6. having someone to laugh with
7. endless frozen yogurt dates (this is done with the girlfriends, too)
seven things that make me angry
1. slow drivers
2. people who park and take up more than one spot
3. over-paying for things
4. people who do not clean up after themselves
5. the amount of laundry i currently have
6. not being honest
7. how expensive being a “grown-up” is (it has been a rude awakening)
interested in this little challenge? link up with s, too! xoxo.

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