i have a new-found fascination and respect for mother’s who manage to dress themselves 
(in something other than sweatpants) for the day,
cart around and hold their children,
combat the snot, vomit, etc.
and look lovely while doing the above.
tell me, how do you do it?!
granted, i am not a mom,
but i wholeheartedly admire you.
also, how do you manage taking more than one babe into the bathroom?
the kiddo, baby, and i went on a walk.
naturally, we had to make a stop at the restroom.
it took me at least 3 minutes to get the stroller into said restroom,
another minute to console the babe,
a few minutes to help the little one on the pot,
and at least six minutes to wash everyone, 
get the kiddo back in the stroller,
and coordinate all of us in order to exit the restroom.
…such a feat… 
however, while baby napped today,
the munchkin and i made scones from pancake batter 🙂
…we also had pancakes for breakfast today.
too much in one day?
not for us!
hopefully her mom feels the same…

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  1. Sounds to me like you are doing an excellent job. Trust me, when around littles you're forever, nose/ hand/ bottom wiping.
    Scones and pancakes….yummy, my kids would love to have you as a nanny!

  2. I have two kids (a 3 year old and a 5 month old). It is difficult to be sure at times! When I'm at home I look a hot mess but I LOVE dressing up whenever I leave the house…even if it means I'm just going to Target. 🙂


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