best workout

every day i tell myself “today is the day that i will start eating better.”
and “today i will go to the gym and actually do more than recline*.”
*reclining: riding the recliner-like stationary bike
yesterday i went to dinner here with my cousin,
and drank a milkshake that could have been shared between four people.
as i drove home (with a food baby, of course),
i told myself that i would run home, change, and have a nice, long workout.
…then e called and asked if i wanted to go to target.
how could i turn down target?
my solution?
walk the 12 blocks to target, and up all 231971289 flights of stairs to her.
when i found her, i was panting and sweating profusely. 
out of shape much, megan?
best workout ever 🙂
here is my extra fancy outfit photo for you today!
(sorry that it is a tad bit out of focus)
shirt: thrifted, jeans: opal, necklace: f21, bracelets: gifts & shoes: target

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  1. This post cracked me up!! I say I'm going to work out every day and something always comes up. I did actually go to the gym yesterday but today I'm planning to go to Target first…which probably means no gym. It's a viscous cycle! But I need to go to Target to get the next two books of The Hunger Games series. 🙂

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Target is on the best. motivation. ever. It usally my excuse too… I can't do homework, I have to go to Target. Oh, sorry, I can't clean my apartment because I have to go to Target. You want to come over and borrow my vacuum cleaner? Sorry, HEADING TO TARGET! 🙂 Its a problem.

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