it’s official, i am seeing it again

“i’m more than just a piece in their games.”
“here’s some advice. stay alive.”
“we fight, we dare, we end our hunger for justice.”

i have seen so many articles and posts detailing the recent release of the hunger games movie. i simply cannot get enough. i finished all three novels a few months ago, and must say, as i finished mockingjay, i cried due to the ending, as well as the ending of the trilogy. why must it be over?! 

here are a few images pertaining to the novels and movie that i thought you would enjoy  πŸ™‚
could jennifer lawrence be more beautiful, or a better representation of katniss?! nope πŸ™‚
have you read the books?
seen the movie?
will you see it again with me?!
*images and quotes found on google

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  1. Obsessed is an understatement! I hardly even like talking about it because I know I just sound psycho but I've already seen it three times haha! I read the books a long time ago and never thought they would be able to capture the story so well.

    That nail polish is calling my name!

  2. whhhhat? hunger games nail polish!?!?! yikes! i need it all! i still haven't had time to see the movie and I'm so devastated! grrr

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