nanny tales

when you quit your job to become a nanny,
there are a lot of things you do not think about.
the aforementioned puke and snot.
the teeth you will try to brush.
the babes you will cart around.
the constant energy you will exert.
the music you will now listen to.
the bums you will wipe.
the strange meals (one half peanut butter, and no, it cannot touch the jelly;
no, i do not want my sandwich cut;
no, i will not use that plate;
no, i do not like that juice;
no, i told you to mix the two cereals), etc.
while taking care of someone else’s beloved children,
you will not stop laughing.
you will not believe the hysterical comments children make.
you will not believe how intelligent and loving tiny humans can be.
you will not believe how quickly you grow to love these children, too.
you will not mind that you have listened to the little mermaid soundtrack 9823 times this week. 
because at the end of the day, 
it is completely worth it. 
my favorite quote today:
“megan, i just swallowed my puke!”
(does she know i do this daily because of my acid reflux?)
breakfast 🙂
a home-made scarf + the munchkin showed me how to properly tie her scar
(lots of over and under the arms)
hope you had a fabulous day, too.
xoxo, this nanny.

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  1. haha you can tell your pint size friend i swallowed a bit of my puke today too. but not from acid reflux. it was probably from being too full. but i am never one to let good food go wasted, i say!
    xx jes

  2. I was a nanny for two years, I haven't gotten over how much I loved those tiny people just yet. Oh they always own a part of your heart, even if they're lunatic, freak out, meltdowners.. they're still wonderful.

    and you nailed the food part, kids are food freaks.

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