polka dots

i was able to snap these pictures outside right before the monsoon hit.
polka dot shirt: f21, sweater & shoes: target, very ripped jeans: opal, headband: claire’s
i am off to babysit two munchkins,
but wanted to prove to you that i got dressed today 🙂
also, remember my testament yesterday about striving to be more healthy?
it is time.
i thought i was poisoned last night because i felt so ill.
could it have been my milkshake at dinner?
or my face-sized cookie at lunch with a?
or the culmination of eating so many treats over the past few weeks?
it must stop.
i refuse to feel that sick again.
here is my pledge to you to more eat healthy! 
one treat per day.
right? that should be sufficient.
i think i shall stop at starbucks on my way to work.
no scones, donuts, or muffins though, megan! 

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  1. polka dots are my favorite. and i have a serious addiction to sweets. a week or so ago i went two days without eating any and it was a serious feat. limited yourself to one a day is a good start! i should try that. 🙂 good luck!

  2. haha! good luck with the sweets cleanse! I tried that and then went and ate a doughnut five minutes later… I love this outfit! Polka dots? Ruby red flats?! I'm so proud! but then again, you always dress so cute! oh and to answer your question: I was actually wearing a shirt (from Urban) and a skirt (from Ann Taylor).

    found the route

  3. Those shoes… THE BEST. How's that for $15? I think I bought them in every color hahahha (I'm partial to the leopard ones!). You're love for Target is so great, friend!

  4. First, I LOVE your outfit! Great deals! Second, sorry to hear about the monsoon, sounds crazy! Third, also sorry to hear you were sick – I totally relate! And being food-sick is the WORST! Hate hate hate it – it is the reason I'm off of brownie batter for life.



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