i am trying very hard to be positive right now.
…to not feel sad
…to not feel lonely
…to not feel bad about myself
what about you?
need a little positivity in your life?
i do!
while i realize striving to be more positive is much easier said than done,
i am really going to try. 
tonight, feeling better shall entail a brownie for dessert,
cleaning up my disastrous room, 
and making a visit to the gym.
gym membership, remember me? oh… no… i am not surprised…
off to pick myself up 🙂
have a good night everyone!
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  1. In three words I can tell you everything that I have learned about life: it goes on. -Robert Frost
    Staying positive can be difficult, I know.
    Keep your chin up.

  2. Obviously I don't know exactly what you're going through right now but keep your head up, you are a beautiful person! Have a lovely weekend!

    xo Shane

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