a short break.

i am sorry,
but i think i will be absent from this blog for a short while.
you see, my heart is broken, 
and i need a bit of time for it to heal, and to focus on myself.
i hope you understand 🙁
i promise i will be back soon.
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  1. 🙁 hate to see you go love-bug. Broken hearts suck. I took a few breaks in my 2-years of blogging but always found that coming back to it was the best remedy. You can already see from these few comments that you have a lot of love from your cyber-buddies :). You'll be back …. I know you will …. because I love your blog and I love your comments on my blog, and well … blogging just wouldn't be as much fun without my name twin.

    Enjoy your gal-pal time, solo spoiling, and frozen yogurt and I'll see ya when you put your red lipstick, DIY scarf, and colored tights back on and face the world with that pretty face of yours. You're too pretty to cry over things (or people) who can't appreciate how fab-u-lous you are!

    xo Meg

  2. I absolutely understand : ( Please, please, please look after yourself and feel better soon! You are an awesome person and you will bounce back! We'll be here to welcome you back when you are ready.



  3. We in the blogging world will miss you something shocking!!! But time is the best healer and if your heart is broken then it may be the best thing for you right now. Do take care and know everyone is sendling lots of love your way x

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