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dear readers,
this blog is my love. while i primarily write it for myself, 
i love sharing my thoughts, feelings, and adventures with you. 
my dream is to be a writer, and this here blog has inspired me to do just that. 
thank you for your comments, advice, and simply reading my seemingly frivolous posts. 
i was recently given the opportunity to write for lafamily magazine
and could not be more excited! 
my first article went live today, and i would greatly appreciate if you would take a moment to read what i wrote, comment, like, and tweet the link to increase my chances of having a weekly column with the magazine! 
you can find my article here and also read about the lives of other recent graduates.
 thank you again! 

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  1. You did great on your article! Love your title. 🙂
    ps. I'm writing for them as well (goes up tomorrow). Neat experience, huh?

  2. I completely understand your situation. I had to head straight to grad school in order to do what I wanted. & my group of friends was no 2-4 hours away. But, everything happens for a reason & it's all an adventure worth taking!
    Great article & I sent out a little tweet for ya!

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