catching up

little blog,
i feel as though i have been neglecting you,
so i thought i would catch you up on how exciting life has been as of late. 
i am keeping busy with the babes, volunteering, spending time with the girlfriends, etc.
however, it is time to seriously focus on either moving or (ideally) finding a new roommate.
moving is the absolute last thing i feel like doing right now, 
but i suppose it might be necessary.
the mere thought of packing narnia, my closet, is utterly daunting.
oh dear… and the cupboard in my bathroom? eek!
i also desperately need to take loui (my car) into the shop.
bless his heart, but his “maintenance required” light has been on for the past two weeks.
fingers crossed he only needs his oil changed.
…i fear my bank account will not tolerate much more.
oh, and mat kearny, i adore you. 
your new song (or is it really new anymore?) “sooner or later” is absolutely phenomenal.
i believe i listen to it at least 6+ times each day.
as for my book club girlfriends,
you will be pleased to know that i should be able to finish the book this month…
as i may or may not have done for our past two meetings 🙂
“extremely loud and incredibly close,” by jonathan safran foer, is a page turner. 
this weekend was spent taking far too many naps,
bonding with my current roommate who is soon leaving me,
spending time outside,
eating the most unhealthy foods imaginable,
and mentally preparing for the week ahead.

mom got me my first plant 🙂
…aside from the poinsettia she gave me at christmas that i killed.
isn’t it the smallest and cutest plant you have seen?
as for that pot/cup, i believe i painted that gem in fourth grade ha!
i certainly look like the jungle boy here,
but wanted to show you my birthday present/easter dress from my mom 🙂
dress: jcpenney, denim jacket: nordstrom, sandals: dsw
these pictures were taken before i caught the dress (ultimately tearing it) 
on a chair while trying to sprint for a cinnamon roll…
hope you had an amazing weekend and happy easter!

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  1. Oh darlin' you make me giggle, today I drove 7 hours back home and listened to Mat Kearney for half of the drive. After seeing him live, I have literally become obsessed & I also thought about how my car is in desperate need of an oil change.

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