flower headband diy

this is the easiest diy –
in fact, you will probably wonder why i bothered posting pictures.
here we go 🙂
materials needed:
glue gun
(optional: needle and thread)
1. cut the bottom hem off the shirt and discard
2. cut a 1-1 1/2 inch thick strip of t-shirt
3. cut loop, so you have one long strand.
4. wrap strand around head, and cut so it is 2 inches shorter than the circumference of your head
(the t-shirt will stretch, and you want to be sure the headband is tight enough)
5. to make the flower, simply use a small part of the strand and wrap fabric in a circle
(you can use the glue gun to perfect the flower, and to hold it together)
6. glue the flower onto the t-shirt strand, and tie
that’s it! 
(you can also sew the ends of the headband together, but since munchkin and i did this project, we took the easy route and simply tied the ends)
have you made these? 
super cute and fun! 
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