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readers, a special post just for you. j, from the mesothelioma cancer alliance, contacted me asking if she could guest post on this blog. she has an immense passion for fashion, as well as sharing the importance of confidence and inspiration for women through fashion. “all women should feel beautiful, no matter what circumstances they could be facing.” i could not agree more.


Fashion can always add a spark to your life. Feeling a little blue?
Feeling somewhat uninspired? You can use fashion as an escape from these
negative emotions in order to embrace a renewed outlook on life. The right
outfit can take you from feeling drab to fab. Beauty is not so much about the designer brands you wear, rather, it
is about how great you look and feel.

The better a woman looks and feels in her outfit, the more confident and
beautiful she is. Confidence is sexy, and it is the right outfit that can help
a woman find that extra bit of energy in her step.

Women can find that the right outfit actually helps them overcome
obstacles in life. There is a reason women who are lawyers tend to get
“dressed up” for a big court appearance. In addition to looking
prepared, having an appearance of professionalism helps women feel more on top
of their game. In the business world, wearing a chic black suit or a fitted
pencil skirt and blouse can make a woman feel like she can take over the world.
A great outfit can help a woman promote a product to top notch clients or make
a striking argument in front of a judge.

There are other ways the right clothing can help a woman develop a
beautiful sense of confidence. Women with illnesses such as mesothelioma cancer may find that an
outfit with bright colors helps them cope with an illness. It is funny how
getting a couple compliments on one’s personal style can instantly change one’s
entire day. Just because a woman has an illness does not mean she has to lose
her sexy attitude or expression of her personal style. Even when visiting the
doctors, getting dressed up can help a woman achieve a positive mindset that
actually contributes to the treatment of her illness.

A simple way to feel
beautiful in one’s own skin is by adding a splash of color to an outfit. This
spring, the “tiffany blue” color will be one of the top trends. An
easy way to make any outfit “pop” is by adding a “tiffany
blue” clutch to an outfit. These clutches can be found in a variety of
price ranges. If you don’t have the cash to splurge on a new designer clutch,
you can always find one at an affordable place through department stores. 
Another easy way to spice
up your look is by trying out a new lipstick color or eyeshadow. Make an
appointment to have your makeup done at one of your favorite makeup counters at
the mall. Many makeup counters only require that you spend fifty dollars or
more on purchases to receive a makeover. Why not try out a red lipstick color
that makes you feel like a glamorous movie star from the 1930s?
Life is all about having
fun and enjoying yourself. No matter what obstacles you may face in your life,
fashion is there to be just the outlet that you need. 
–Jackie Clark
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