hey there

now that i can wear ripped jeans, i wear these constantly…
shirt: thrifted, jeans: opal, bracelets: assortment

please excuse my little absence here.
i am house sitting and caring for the babies like a fiend, 
so the blog has (unfortunately) taken a back seat.
…i am not pleased about this.
i also just chewed off my fingernails and cuticles without even realizing it.
i guess that is what they mean by a (horrid) habit? 
goodbye pretty purple nails, hello nubbins.

things have been a bit crazy around here as of late.
i am trying to figure out whether or not to move…
i love my little home here, but my roommate leaves this week, 
and i have not found someone else to move in.
and let’s be honest – a nanny doesn’t exactly make the big bucks 🙂
so the online apartment hunt has commenced.
moving is stressful.
i know as soon as i have a plan though, i will be elated – so i must hang in there! 

on a more positive note, i think i found a new favorite shopping destination.
seattle friends, have you been to oh bella on roosevelt?
it is the most adorable/magnificent consignment shop! 
be warned: your bank account may disagree.
i might have purchased a few small treats for myself to “alleviate stress”…
thrifting is an acceptable (and less expensive) form of shopping when stressed, right?

a little positive message for myself,
and for you if you are stressed this week, too 🙂
loui being pooped on by a cherry blossom tree.
…he looks ridiculous.
an ivar’s feast with a 🙂
thrifted flats, my favorite.
we have almost made it to the weekend…
are you as excited as i am?!

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  1. Ooh when I come to Seattle, I'll have to check out that store! I love Buffalo Exchange there too, I think it's a West Coast thing, because we sure don't have it here in the East Coast ; ) I think thrifting is always an acceptable form of stress management! Good luck with your apartment!

  2. my car gets pooped on my cherry blossoms too.
    but my car doesn't have a name like loui!
    i'll have to work on a great name like that.
    good luck with your apartment!

  3. that does sound stressful! I hope you find a place to live! And I look forward to seeing you clothing finds!! (AND I'm glad I'm not only with the whole sweets things. I honestly need to get some discipline!!! It is SO hard!) Have a great weekend Megan!

  4. My son (3 years old) has been chewing on his nails ever since he discovered his hands. Now he rips his nails off and they get stuck in his teeth. Then he wants me to floss them out. It is a vicious cycle….:)



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