love love love

is it possible to have too much of the thing you love most?
(granted, i could never receive too many kisses from bailey…)
too many?
not for me 🙂
okay, i justify owning this many toms by telling myself that i wear them 3-4 times per week.
(which is the truth…)
i made the mistake of going for a walk with the babies yesterday in ballet flats.
i fear my feet may never heal.
i complained to the little girl about my epic blisters, 
but she thought i said “slivers” hehe.
…i think i will take the blisters over copious slivers any day. 
i am going out to dinner tonight (!!!), 
and wanted to wear these little green guys.
it is okay, right?
dress & leggings: f21, chambray: target, shoes: toms
happy almost friday!

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  1. so i thought i loved my toms… until i saw this post.
    NO WAY! i love them all.
    i want the leopard fleece lined exclusive that nordstrom's barely released (aka has been sold out for forever and i have yet to find them)

  2. HO-LY crap girlfriend. You are definitely a Toms connoisseur. I've got the burlap ones and need to purchase more that's for sure. If you ever get sick of a pair of yours, send them my way 🙂


  3. Thanks so much for the amazingly sweet comment and following my blog 😉

    You are tooooo stinkin cute lady! I adore that bright dress and YAY for all those TOMS!


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