a very happy (belated) birthday to this girlfriend!!!
i despise going to the dentist.
…absolutely despise it.
in fact, i think i rescheduled my appointment three times.
do not get me wrong,
i am a teeth-brushing fiend.
and crest white strip addict.
and have a slight obsession with my electric toothbrush.
going to the dentist, however, is another story.
oh yes, please let me scrape at your teeth with this barbaric tool/knife.
oh, that makes your gums bleed?
that is strange.
why would they bleed?
oh wait, you do not floss three times a day?
your teeth certainly have a lot of plaque. 
what tooth paste do you use?
the dentist never has good news.
and this girl has a cavity (despite how well i think i take care of my teeth).
which means i have to go back next week, too.
funny story for you though 🙂
last night i was being a good girl and flossing my teeth.
however, i accidentally used my brother’s woven floss…
you know the kind that is thicker, two colors, and semi furry?
i was trying to floss under my permanent retainer, 
and the floss got stuck! 
first, it tore, so i had two separate pieces in there.
literally… imagine blue floss hanging out of my mouth.
i could not stop drooling, 
and begged my mom to help me.
we tried pulling on it, using tweezers, more dental floss, etc. etc.
she said i might have to go to the dentist with the floss still there! 
fear not, after about 10 minutes of pulling on my poor teeth, 
the floss was free. close call though, let me tell you! 

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  1. Ahhh I hate the dentist! So much! My dentist is actually really nice, but she has that tone in her voice that lets me know I did something wrong. Also, I need to get my wisdom teeth out but have been putting it off for a year! So they REALLY don't like me!

    • oh no! i can definitely relate! i got my wisdom teeth out in two separate surgeries, which i would not recommend. but i promise it is not as bad as you think! (this coming from a girl with ZERO pain tolerance). you will get to eat lots of ice cream and yogurt and sleep and watch tv. it is a little vacation + lots of tylenol 🙂 if you get them out soon, i would come take care of you and bring you treats!

  2. i HATE the dentist. but i love MY dentist. does the take sense? he is never judgmental whenever i have a cavity. this is why he is my friend. and he's gentle with my gums. but i am right there with you. HATE the dentist.

  3. I feel your pain! I was at the dentist on friday to have two fillings 🙁 hate the place, i sometimes even cry haha! why do teeth have to be so weird

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