to my little buddy,

it is hard to believe that we met almost one year ago.
i have visited you weekly for the past year,
and i feel as though we have developed a unique bond, 
despite you being a rowdy, but very genuine 11-year-old boy.
i remember when i visited you for the first time
and you punched me to demonstrate your strength.
i will never forget how you taught me to skateboard, shoot hoops,
and properly jump off a swing.
nor will i forget when you were reprimanded for wanting to wait for me by the window
on the day we planned to celebrate your birthday.
i will always remember your love of raw cookie dough, vanilla milkshakes, and chicken strips
(i learned of your love for vanilla shakes when i mistakenly brought you chocolate – 
but you drank it anyways).
i will cherish the time we spent reading and listening to music together.
i am so very happy that you are moving on to bigger and better things.
you have an incredible strength about you, 
and have endured more hardship during your childhood than most people will in a lifetime. 
i wish you the very best of luck,
and hope i have influenced your life half as much as you have mine.
you made my life feel purposeful,
and helped me to believe in the possibility that i can make a difference.
i will never forget our time together.

–your big buddy, megan

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