rather eclectic

“wouldn’t life be perfect if sweatpants were sexy,
monday’s were fun,
junk food was good for you,
homework didn’t exist,
girls weren’t drama queens,
guys weren’t losers,
and saying goodbye only meant until tomorrow?”
*quote found here
life has been a bit random as of late, 
so i have decided to share the randomness with you
–there is someone new in my life 🙂
–sunshine in seattle means taking the babies for walks and to the park 
–love these target apache shorts
–happy hour is a great way to end a monday
–there is a ghost in my apartment…
(my broken toilet will mysteriously flush at random…)
–love this pup
–my parent’s house is up for sale
(the upside? new furniture for this girl)
–i am still on the hunt for a roommate
–i just started reading 50 shades of grey 
(i must admit, it is rather addicting)
–i am ready for the weekend//the potential for sleeping in
–i cannot get enough of canned pears… weird, i know
what’s new with you?
happy wednesday!

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