sweater: tjmaxx, tank & jeans: nordstrom, moccasins: little western shop
dearest santa,
i realize it is the beginning of june,
but i am writing to you out of utter desperation.
you see, my computer seems to be on its last leg.
i stupidly spilled a fruit cup on the keyboard last week,
and now, the vast majority of my keys stick.
the “r”, “tab”, “cap lock” and numbers 1-5 are quite tricky//sticky.
it is especially frustrating because every password i have uses “1, 2, 3”.
surely you see how this could be problematic.
i have this blog to think about! (and post on).
i would pay to have the bugger fixed,
or perhaps purchase a new computer altogether,
but, as it is the beginning of june,
i just paid rent.
thus, my meager bank account cannot fathom such a large purchase. 
if you, or my adoring parents,
were able to help me out,
i would be eternally grateful.
yours truly,

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