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Hey everyone! I’m Meg from Glamorous Hustle  and I’m super excited to be guest blogging here on Diary of this Girl.

Megan and I have had the pleasure of getting to know each other over
the last few months and I’m thoroughly convinced she’s the twin version of me
but in a different state.
Reading Megan’s blog lately (and if you’re a follower of hers you can
attest to this as well), I’d say Megan may have hit (and gracefully conquered
thanks to that cute boy she’s been posting about) that what I like to call “The
The Rut hits every one at a different time. For me, it was at the age
of 25.
I was barely making money as a part-time nanny and nervous as all heck to start
my senior year of college knowing that the possibility of getting a job after
graduation was slim to none.
And so I cried. A lot. And I stressed. A lot.
And then I woke up one day and started writing a list. A “to-do” list
of things I wanted by or before graduation and what I needed to do to get it.
I stopped feeling bad for myself and stressing out about everything;
after all, neither one of those things were going to help me get what I wanted.
Instead, I got to work and starting figure things out for myself.
Here’s a little advice I want to share with you guys who may feel like
you’re in your “Rut” and need a little nudging to get out.
Finances are a scary things and budgeting is not fun. If you tell me not to
spend it, I want to spend it. I created an Excel document (Nerd Alert!) that
tracks how much money comes in (income) and how much leaves (bills, etc). It
tracks how much credit card and student loan debt I have and allows me to
figure out where I can cut excessive spending. I also have a calendar that
tracks when a bill is due and how much it is so I make sure now to miss a
like no one is watching, even when someone is.
Have you ever come home from
a crazy/stressful day and just felt like you can’t focus on anything else? I
work in advertising, so this happens on a daily basis. My favorite way to
distress is to turn up the Pandora and just dance like a nut-bag. It’s
especially fun with my 3 ½ year old niece. Get on it!
Get your
. Are you debating on the student loans before you go to college?
Stop it. Your education is important and if you want to get anywhere in life,
it’s important that you put in the effort to get your degree(s). There are
plenty of outlets to help you pay for school so your only excuse should be that
you’re not motivated. And if that’s the case, call me … I’ll help you get set.
network, network!
This is both professionally and personally. If you’re
looking for a job, connect with recruiters on LinkedIn, build a virtual
portfolio, clean off your Facebook (this is IMPORTANT!), and attend networking
events such as happy hours and job fairs. If it’s for your blog, link up with
other bloggers, guest post, comment on other bloggers, and host giveaways! It’s
all about making friends with whoever you meet, so make sure you’re always on
your best behavior.
I’m a multi-tasker, so I get it. Sometimes the day just gets away from you and
you realize it’s 6 pm and you haven’t even had lunch yet. Working, blogging,
Twitter, Instagram, family, school, bills … oh my god I just gave myself a
headache. Devote 15-30 minutes out of your day to just be (Mine is the first 20 minutes when I wake up). Take that time to do what you WANT to do,
not what you NEED to do. Trust me, it makes all the difference.
No one said life was easy. In fact, if it was easy it wouldn’t be worth
the ride. It’s not about what happens to you throughout your life; it’s about
how you handle it. You won’t be in “The Rut” forever.
So throw on that pink feather boa and those stunna shades, pump up the
volume on your Pandora and dance like the world is your stage …
… because baby, it is!
Hopefully I’ll see you guys over at Glamorous Hustle!
Thanks again Megan for letting me share my ramblings with your lovely readers.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post! I'm in the Rut right this very second! I am about to start my senior year of college and wonder where the time went and why I didn't plan better. Because lord knows I do not want to move home to my parent's house! Thanks for the tips. They are good reminders to stay focused, keep my head up, and move along!


    • Thanks for your comment Chelsea! How exciting that you're almost finished with college! You should be proud of yourself for that. I moved home after college to save money and pay off some credit card debt and it's actually been a lot of fun. You're relationship with your parents change so much after college; you're more of their friend than their child.

      Good luck with your senior year!

      xo Meg

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