7 deadly sins link-up

seven great things in my life
1. my friends & family
2. a new job
3. an apartment to call home
4. public transportation to get me here, there, and everywhere
5. the cutest little dog, bailey
6. the growth of my blog, and the friends it has introduced me to
7. tom. i miss him.
seven things i lack and covet
1. an admirable savings account
2. nails that are not bitten down to nubbins
3. prefect skin
4. a clean apartment
5. the ability to make starbucks quality cake-pops
6. a closer relationship with my brother
7. more time for me and to relax each day (i suppose waking up earlier could fix this…)
seven guilty pleasures
1. shopping
2. napping
3. jodi piccoult books. cannot get enough of them.
4. teen mom
5. my sweet tooth – it is insatiable
6. instagram
7. coffee. 
 seven worldly material desires
1. a plane ticket to florida to visit tom
2. black ballet flats (mine smell)
3. a new computer
4. a super puffy north face jacket to wear while i wait in the dark, rain, and frigid temperatures for the bus
5. hunter rain boots
 6 & 7. not sure as of right now
seven things i neglect to do
1. go to the gym on a consistent basis
2. volunteer more of my time
3. floss my teeth daily (i am a thrice weekly kind of girl)
4. finish books i get bored of
5. take things too personally
6. spend time with my extended family
7. listen to my voicemails
seven things i love about love
1. holding hands
2. snuggling 
3. unexpected/surprise phone calls
4. going on walks together
5. laughing
6. day to day activities such as cooking together, grocery shopping, visiting friends, etc.
7. learning new things about that person
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