five days and counting

i apologize for my absence on this here blog, but
you know, it just isn’t fair – 
you meet someone new, open your heart, believe in love, fall for someone,
and then something bad happens. 
why must it be this way? 
i have been so incredibly lucky and happy these past few months with tom, 
and now it is time to say goodbye (well technically, in five days). 
he received an incredible job opportunity in florida, 
one that he cannot pass up.
so he is packing up and leaving next week.
i know i should be excited for him and supportive of his move (and i am),
but right now, all i can think about is him leaving me behind.
this is a selfish way of thinking – i realize. 
did you know florida and seattle are ridiculously far away? yuck. 
we are going to stay together and have faith in our long distance relationship.
saying my prayers that i have the strength to make things work.
any recommendations on long distance love? how did you make it work?
i have tried it before and not had the best of luck. 
i am definitely open to trying it again with him, however! 
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  1. ah goodness me! That sucks. But great for Tom! But still sucky 🙁 Definitely a hard situation. Kudos to you guys for being determined to make it work! My sister and her husband were long distance for a year, and all I can say is Skype is a wondrous thing 🙂 Good luck sweet little couple!

  2. Oh honey, my heart broke for you when I read this. Long distance is hard. I've tried it twice, but always at the start of the relationship not after a decently long period of being close. The second long-distance one for me resulted in my husband. After about 6 months of dating he moved to my city. But we would make weekend trips to see each other (Richmond to Pittsburgh is about a 6 hour drive) and talked on the phone every night. With texting and Skype you can stay in touch just as often. This may give you both a great opportunity to see how committed you are to the relationship and what the next step should be. I'll be thinking about you and praying for you!

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