three cheers for friday

i am happy about this mornings’ sunshine,
my cobalt blue jeans,
and making it to work with just enough extra time to grab coffee.
i thought these quotes were appropriate –
appropriate for my current mood,
recent lifestyle changes,
and striving to be a more positive individual.
*images found on google
and now, a story:
while digging through my giant school bag for much needed chap-stick,
i came across three forks.
all from the school kitchen.
i suppose you could call me a fork fiend. the reason for all these forks?
i am afraid of the lunch lady. legitimately terrified.
don’t get on her bad side, let me tell you.
i was reprimanded last week for washing my fork in the “wrong sink” –
you see, one sink is for hand washing,
while the other is reserved for dishes. my bad.
i decided to bring my own fork one day (carried in a plastic ziplock),
but she told me that was simply weird. i cannot win.
also, do not ask for coffee,
do not leave the kitchen door open,
do not ask to put your personal lunch in the fridge, 
do not enter while music is playing and children could be sleeping, 
and absolutely do not touch anything without first washing your hands. diligently. 
in addition, do not mix up trash with compost,
put dirty dishes in the wrong “section” of the dishwasher, etc. etc.
surely there will be more rules for me to discover. 
you live and you learn.
one day at a time.

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