1. my belly hurts. too many white chocolate oreos.

2. i cannot stop listening to p!nk’s song from her new album, “try.” seriously, i am addicted. 

3. my dishwasher smells like poop. every time i open it, i want to vomit. so instead of loading it (or figuring out why it smells), i have resorted to washing my dishes by hand (for the time being). and thankfully i do not cook much, so i don’t have very many dishes.

4. friday cannot come soon enough. this has seemingly been the longest week of all time. two short weeks in a row were tricky… i think the babies got used to it, and are now trying to punish their teachers by crying incessantly and getting sick. 

5. i was puked on twice today. fortunately the second round of vomit was green, so it blended into my green jeans #camouflage.

6. old navy has the cutest animal sweaters i have ever seen. i want them all. they also have some with polka dots that are simply adorable. old navy, when did you become so classy? i love you. 

7. i have eaten frozen yogurt during my lunch break every day this week. such a waste of money. especially considering i put $2 worth of just sprinkles on each time (another possible reason for my persistent stomach aches?)

8. the school cook decided to serve the babies chili for lunch yesterday. i spent all afternoon handling the resulting blowouts #preschoolproblems. remind me to call in sick for the next chili day. 

9. happy almost friday, everyone! 

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