diy fringe curtains

i have seen several fringe banners and curtains online recently
and wanted to make a set for my bedroom.
this is honestly the easiest diy ever.
the only partially time-consuming part is tying the fabric onto to the rope. 
to get started:
1. materials:
the fabric of your choice (i chose 8-9 designs and got 1/4 of a yard of each)
**next time i will get 1/2 a yard of each; my curtains are not as long as i would have liked
fabric scissors
rope (of the desired length)
2. cut the fabric into 1-1.5 inch strips
3. cut each strip to the desired length
(my strips were just under a foot long)
4. tie the fabric onto the rope in a knot
as you add more fabric, you can push the strips closer together so you have a layered look
5. repeat
soon, the rope will look like this
and voila – fringe curtains!
i am hoping to make another set to hang on my wall above my bed.
the best parts about this project? how easy and inexpensive it was to do. 
i spent twenty-five dollars at the fabric store,
 and the entire process took less than two hours 🙂
**a side note – the rope will become heavy due to how much fabric you use
be sure to hang securely.
have you tried making fringe curtains?
where did you hang them?

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