longer hair (faster)

 ** i should preface this by saying i cannot make any guarantees your hair will actually grow longer (faster) by following this regimen. 
in fact, i have no idea if any of the following products or practices truly work –
but i am desperate for long hair, and thus will share my “secrets” with you. **
i have been growing my hair, what i previously referred to as my nubbin (nubbin: makeup brush sized pony-tail), for approximately three years.
my hair started out in a short, a-line cut, with the front layers reaching my chin.
what feels like 83902038 years later, my hair is now 4-5 inches past my shoulders.
what was most difficult, was growing out the a-line. 
thank goodness that awkward stage is over. pony tails = my best friend.
what i have found to be most important and beneficial throughout this growing process
(and i believe most hairdressers would agree),
is keeping my hair healthy.
that means getting it cut, yes, cut. 
i aim to get a trim every 8 weeks to update my layers and kill off evil split ends.
i also try to use heat on my hair as little as possible.
i dry my hair about halfway each day, and retire my curling irons and straightener until the weekend. but then again, i work with babies who yank on my hair all day, 
and hardly look glamorous while at work. grunge would be more appropriate.
if you must use heat on your hair daily, protect it with product. 
additional tips?
when hair is wet, use a comb, not a brush.
avoid chemical treatments such as perms, coloring, highlighting, etc. 
(i do not avoid these; i color my hair).
maintain a healthy diet and drink lots of water.
massage your scalp (not sure if i believe this, but again, i am desperate).
don’t wash your hair every day
(i do. my hair gets ridiculously greasy. ew.)
use a deep conditioning treatment weekly.
don’t stress.
i found a few of these tips online, so please let me know if they actually work 🙂 
in regards to products – i love trying new things, but here is what i love lately:
shampoo – clear scalp & hair therapy strong lengths
conditioner – herbal essences honey, i’m strong
for curly/wavy hair – catwalk curl collection strong mousse & 
got2b kinkier curling spray gel
leave in treatments – nexxus pro-mend split end binding,
brocato cloud 9 miracle repair style cream & 
tresemme split remedy
supplements – whole foods hair, skin & nails nourishing capsules
these products are inexpensive, ideal for girls on a budget. 
have you tried any of them?
do you have long hair? what are your tricks?!

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