diy fringe necklace scarf

i would like to preface this diy post by stating:
my scarf did not turn out perfectly.
in fact, i think it looks rather silly, 
but i am still slightly proud of it 🙂 
in addition, i recommend buying a t-shirt without any seams on the sides.
i attempted to cover the seam of the shirt i used,
but need to find a better remedy.
anyways, here you go – 
1. materials:
XL men’s t-shirt & fabric scissors
2. cut off bottom hem of t-shirt
3. cut long strips across t-shirt (from one armpit to the other)
4. stretch strips of fabric
5. watch out for your pup as she might like to join you
6. cut varying length pieces from your strips and lay out as you would like for them to hang
**the strips should be double the length of how long you wish the fringe to hang;
we will be folding them in half when they are incorporated into the scarf
7. cut and set aside three long strips to use as the base of your scarf
stretch the fabric, and tie together pieces to braid
8. begin braiding the fabric
9. after braiding 6-8 inches of the fabric, begin to incorporate the fringe
you will simply fold the fringe in half, and add it to the braid
the scarf will begin to look like this
i added the fringe randomly, so my scarf turned out a bit fluffy-looking
10. after you have added the fringe pieces, complete your braid
11. tie both ends of the scarf together
12. enjoy 🙂 
have you tried making a fringe scarf?
how did you best incorporate the fringe pieces into the braid?
i think i will be trying this diy again. 

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