rambling (cont.)

1. rain, rain go away. 
2. calling all seattle bloggers! would you like to attend a craft/diy night at madewell in bellevue? i will post the invitation on my blog later today. the event will be this thursday evening, from 7-9pm.
3. i have turned into a pretty good cook (pictured above). mac ‘n cheese and with frozen peas on top is my specialty. this has been my favorite treat since childhood. 
4. a quote from saturday night i thought you might enjoy (to our cab driver): “excuse me, sir. would you mind stopping at mcdonald’s if we go by one? or anything like that… like a wendy’s, or dick’s, or jack in the box. you know, those types of places sir?” #fastfoodjunkie
5. so happy i just spilled coffee all over my face and sweatshirt. i was simply too lazy to sit all the way up while trying to down my coffee in bed. success. 
6. that is my family’s christmas tree up there 🙂 looks a bit bare in the photo, but it is quite pretty. my faj said he spent eight hours stringing the lights… i think i might actually believe him. 
7. monday, godspeed.

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