silliness and a happy list

oh hey there!
let me scrunch up my nose and make the most ridiculous face ever,
while trying on sweaters at the loft.
but really, i wanted this sweater.
not for fifty dollars though… sadly. 
a few things that make me happy as of late:
1. this song
2. iced coffee (even though it is winter)
3. my adorable little pup
4. moccasins. despite the rain, i love wearing you. what would i do without you?
5. the girlfriends. i love them. dearly.
6. the epic baking i am planning to do this week
i promise to take pictures. please come share my treats so 
i don’t eat them all as per usual
7. my family
their unwavering support means the world to me
8. a new little buddy to mentor. cannot wait to become friends with this sweet girl
9. bits of sunshine that peak through the rain and clouds
10. the babies at school // work
my favorite thing is when they crawl or meander over to give me a hug or to be held
their laughs are pretty amazing, too

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