“funny how the heart can be deceiving”

“…more than just a couple times
why do we fall in love so easy?
even when it’s not right…”
p!nk’s song, “try” is perpetually stuck in my head as of late.
i have to admit that some of the lyrics ring true for me, too.
i won’t bore you with the details,
but let’s just say this girl is taking a bit of a break from the dating scene. 
time to focus on myself,
my upcoming move,
and preparing to go back to school.
a sincere thank you to my girlfriends who have been incredibly supportive. 
i honestly do not know what i would do without you.
now i think i will go turn on some music,
clean my filthy room,
and have a treat. 
enjoy the rest of your weekend! 
p.s. that cupcake (pictured above) was the best decision i have made recently.
messiest treat ever, but ever so worth it! 
*quote/image found here

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