a letter

dearest parking enforcement,
seriously, don’t you have anything better to do?
you ruined my day.
in fact, you have ruined several within the past few years.
i can no longer count the number of parking tickets i have received on both hands…
all i wanted was a d*** coffee. 
i was in the coffee shop for less than three minutes 
(1. there was no line & 2. i got drip coffee, thus requiring zero preparation).
and somehow, within those three minutes, i end up with a $53 parking ticket.
i neeeeeeeeed those $53 right now.
that could buy me groceries;
it would pay for my transportation for two weeks;
it is eight frozen yogurt dates;
$53 is my portion of the comcast bill.
see? that money could be put to better use.
i may cry as i write and send off those precious $53.
you know what bothers me most?
i was walking out to my car and unlocking it, AS YOU WROTE THE TICKET!
come on! can’t you give a girl a break?
today was a bad day.
hoping, wishing, and praying that tomorrow is better.
good night.
angry girl.

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  1. sorry girl! that is the worst. you just got to let things like this roll of your back because dwelling on it does no good. and pray that the mean ticket person gets a parking ticket too! haha. jk. or just pray you will find a couples twenties on the sidewalk!

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