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9 Wardrobe Tricks To Hide Unwanted Holiday Pounds
The holidays are behind us, and guess what? I overindulged in all my favorite holiday treats, and I gained five pounds. Allow me to share with you my nine wardrobe tricks to help hide this extra weight until I can work it off in the new year.
1. Fitted Clothes
Obviously, clothes that are way too tight don’t look good on me—especially since I’ve gained weight—but baggy or loose clothing makes me look heavier than I am. By wearing fitted clothes, I can create the illusion of slimness without revealing every single bump and bulge.
2. Tunics
Designed to cover my bulging tummy, hips and bottom, tunics create an elegant appearance without adding bulk to my body. I wear these essential wardrobe pieces with leggings at home or under a jacket when I go to work.
3. Control-Top Leggings
I love leggings, especially the control-top variety. They’re comfortable to wear and go with almost any outfit. Additionally, they don’t constrict my movements or make me feel uncomfortable. Perfect for any occasion, I own black, brown and blue pairs that match the shirts and tops in my closet.
4. Layers
Topping off my shirt and pants with a jacket or vest makes me look slim, particularly when I create a vertical line by leaving the buttons open. In addition to covering extra pounds, layering also keeps me warm all season.
5. Shapewear
Can I just tell you how amazing shapewear makes me look? I love the magical, slimming effects of these pieces. Each one conceals bulges and pulls everything together under my clothes. I feel more confident when I know I look my best, and shapewear gives me the slimming look I need.
6. Accessories
Accessories are an important part of my wardrobe choices every day, and I even plan what I’ll wear around my favorite accessories. With a sparkling pair of earrings or chunky necklace, I can draw attention to my face and away from problem areas.
7. Belt
I try to wear a belt or sash to define my waist. It draws the eye to slimmest part of my body and away from my hips and tummy. I just have to make sure the belt isn’t too wide.
8. Shoes
Believe it or not, shoes make me look slimmer. Heels are the best choice for creating a slimming appearance, so I try to wear shoes with at least a small heel everywhere I go.
9. Monochromatic Colors
Wearing one color from head to toe creates a slimming look because it elongates my body vertically. I’ll pair a gray tunic with gray tights and gray boots when I want to appear slimmer.
I hate the unwanted pounds I’ve gained over the holidays, but these wardrobe tricks successfully hide those bulges. Monochromatic colors, fabulous accessories and fitted clothes make me look slim. When I’m wearing these slimming looks, I feel ready to enter the new year with confidence.
thank you again, brooke, for this awesome guest post! 

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